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Rennes is already renowned for its rich cultural heritage and artistic events. Always considered a melting pot of artistic innovation and discovery, today the capital of Brittany is set to add a new string to its bow with the launch of the Glaz Festival, a celebration dedicated to contemporary photography. Naturally, the announcement of this festival has aroused great curiosity among art and photography enthusiasts.

The Glaz Festival: Rennes enters the big league

The city of Rennes is no stranger to photography. It has already hosted events dedicated to the art, such as L’Image Publique. However, it had never had its own major festival of photography, like Arles, Perpignan or La Gacilly.

What’s more, the Glaz Festival isn’t just about filling that void. It aims to put Rennes on the international photography festival map. Jean-Christophe Godet, the festival’s artistic director and founder of the renowned Guernsey Photography Festival, expresses this ambition with obvious passion. He sees immense potential for Rennes to become a major hub for contemporary photography.

Also, unlike other festivals that focus on reportage, le Glaz Festival stands out for its promotion of contemporary photography. Jean-Christophe Godet emphasizes that the festival is interested in all forms of image production. Indeed, in a world where technology is evolving at breakneck speed, some photographers have abandoned traditional cameras to explore new ways of capturing and representing reality.

Urgency: a theme that resonates with our times

The first edition of the Glaz Festival chose “Emergency” as its theme. This choice is not insignificant. It reflects the challenges and crises facing our world. The current state of our planet, environmental degradation, political, climate, energy and health crises… all these burning issues are at the heart of the festival’s concerns.

Artists such as Mandy Barker, with her work on plastic waste at sea, or Alice Pallot and her focus on green algae, tackle the environmental emergency with particular sensitivity and acuity. But urgency is not limited to the environment. The festival also tackles issues such as security, international conflicts and the impact of new technologies on our society. Overall, the Glaz Festival uses photography as a mirror, reflecting the issues of our time and inciting reflection.

An event not to be missed

The Glaz Festival promises to be much more than just an artistic event. It’s an invitation to discovery, reflection and appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the world around us. For your accommodation you can choose a hotel in Rennes itself, or opt for a charming guesthouse in the surrounding area, such as Cosy Home, look for reviews here ! Rennes, with its rich cultural heritage and dynamism, is the ideal place to host such an event. For all those who cherish art, culture and discovery, the Glaz Festival is an event not to be missed.