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Materialized since the dawn of April, the exhibition of the Quai-Branly Jacques Chirac Museum (which hosts among others the gallery Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere) is the perfect opportunity to explore, to discover (ed. note: rediscover for some) Cameroon on the basis of its chieftaincies and ancient treasures. An unmissable temporal journey ending under the passion and intensity of the summer sun. What about this cultural event!

On the traces of the remains of the Indomitable Lions

Heading to the northern area of Bamenda to make the appointment with a series of cultural discoveries on the treasures of Cameroon. Indeed, the highlands of the Grassfields are the scene of the cultural event of the Quai Branly Museum, center of this brilliant exhibition. Sculptures, royal thrones, paintings, cowries, calabashes … It is undeniably the expression of artistic creativity of our dear Central African Lions that is put forward with the charm of the essence of the vast cultural heritage with which they are endowed.

The transmission and preservation, the most beautiful treasures

This is undoubtedly the most beautiful treasures that exist for this people. For, it is by dint of mutual aid and rootedness in their ancient values that this wonderful project has come into being. Constituting a solid community of artists migrating from all horizons and all times, they make it a point of honor to preserve the quintessence of the frescoes and vestiges of the past while working to reveal and transmit the treasures of today. A highly commendable initiative, it ensures that the web between ancestors and descendants is kept intact; thus reminding each Cameroonian of his or her origins.

Exhibited at the Parisian museum, these treasures, originating from the collections of Cameroonian families, for some and fruits of the verve of renowned artists, for others, illustrate themselves in the perspective of recognition, safeguarding and preservation of this cultural wealth halfway between the past and the present.