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Ai Weiwei‘s creativity seems to know no bounds. This Chinese contemporary artist never ceases to arouse the curiosity and admiration of art lovers. He recently made a big impression by proposing a “100% democratic” work that each of us can create ourselves!

Making art accessible to all

Ai Weiwei is known for his commitments, which he lets show in his works. He recently announced the creation of a so-called democratic work, accessible to all. The concept has been set up with a German brand specialized in DIY (Do it yourself), Hornbach.
The artist wants to use this initiative to overcome a social injustice, where art is reserved only for a wealthy elite. Ai Weiwei declares on this subject that “he has made this work for the public, for people who are not necessarily collectors or museum lovers. You don’t need to have a deep education to understand art. Art belongs to everyone. Anyone can become an artist or have the opportunity to make art. And while art may not necessarily make the world a better place, it has the power to make humans better.”

Ai Weiwei's DIY work

Make an authentic statue of Ai Weiwei

You can go to the store to buy the necessary materials and instructions (from 150 euros). The work, entitled “Safety Jackets Zipped the Other Way“, is then to be made by yourself.

The work consists of high visibility safety jackets that are to be assembled together. You have a construction manual, but it’s up to you to decide how to assemble them to form a flexible and connected statue. Four constructions are indeed possible, and at the end of your participation, you will receive a certificate of authenticity which attests that you have a work of the artist.
You have the opportunity to own a work of Ai Weiwei without having to spend a huge amount of money.